I am Katharina Bonyhádi (née Katharina Günther), trainer, facilitator, guide and developer in the context of teaching and learning.

I support instructors, educators and organisations on topics such as teaching and learning in higher education, instructional design, development of qualification programmes etc.

These things are of particular importance to me:

  • an open, appreciative and respectful attitude
  • focus on the joy in learning
  • culture of constructive feedback
  • meaningfulness and application orientation of my trainings
  • focus on the participants


professional background

vita and education

  • born in Zeitz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany / resident in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany
  • intermediate stations in UK, Spain, Norway
  • master degree: Studies in Abilities and Development of Competences (Leipzig University)
  • magister degree: English / Medieval and Modern History (Leipzig University / Universidad de Salamanca)
  • training in: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Online Education, Experiential Learning …

professional background

  • extensive experience in adult education (in Germany and abroad)
  • focus on acadamic learning since 2015
  • scientific employee at Universtiy of Leipzig for 6 years
  • freelance trainer since 2019


I am looking forward to your message via e-mail or your phone call on +49 176 78046745.